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Yet Another New Look

As you can tell (unless you’re reading this via RSS), I’ve changed the theme for the site again.  I quite liked the layout of the old theme, but the text was just too hard to read, especially with large posts (which I am prone to).  Let me know if there are any issues – since this is hosted WordPress, it should be fine, of course.

New look

Since I’m updating the look at the moment (it should appear in a few days), I figured I might as well do this one too.  Since I’m still using the hosting my choices are much more limited here (and I don’t really want to put in a lot of effort editing the theme either), but I quite like this look.  If I ever get around to moving this site to a proper WordPress install on then I’ll probably change it again.

For some reason, is going from a fairly dark black and white theme to something quite colourful, and this site has gone from a light somewhat colourful theme to a dark black and white theme.  I’m not sure what that signifies!