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Vodafone subsumes ihug: can’t handle Internet or phone

Vodafone, who I used to think was an ok company, bought and then subsumed ihug, who once was a good company (but had previously sunk to terrible depths). Ihug did all sorts of nutty side ventures, but generally was a company specialising in Internet access and phone calls.

I called Vodafone yesterday, and got a “sorry, we are experiencing high call volume. Please call back” message. And then it hung up! No queue, no way to set up a call from Vodafone back to me to help. Just hanging up on me.

Today, I go to the Vodafone website (because it appears that their DNS servers are dead; thank goodness for OpenDNS) and I get:

Vodafone's home page is down


If an ISP can’t handle serving up their own homepage, are they really a good choice? If you’re a business, would you even consider talking to them at this point?

ihug: less clever than the scammers

Ihug Email ScreenshotA warning from ihug – unfortunately they aren’t clever enough to test their emails before sending them, so that variables like %name% get filled out.  A shame that their email then looks more like a scam than most scams do… (FWIW, anyone thinking of using ihug should think again – not because of this, but because their customer service gets worse every year).