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Trac to iCal

One project I work on uses Trac and has a custom “due date” field (it doesn’t really have milestones – updates are more granular).  While this is useful, one problem is that I don’t check this Trac instance every day, and so sometimes I’ve missed deadlines because I haven’t noticed that they are due.  However, I do check my calendar every day (multiple times a day).  It seems like exporting this “due date” value into my calendar will help with this.

This little script creates a calendar that can be subscribed to.  I run it once a day (due dates don’t change very often), and have iCal set to update once a day, so it should work fine.  If it’s of use to you, use it (no restrictions).  Let me know if there are things that can be improved!  It requires the Python iCalendar module, which I already use for parsing public holiday data.

#! /usr/bin/env python

import sqlite3
import datetime

import icalendar

cal = icalendar.Calendar()
cal.add("prodid", "-//PROJECT NAME Trac Deadlines//")
cal.add("version", "2.0")
cal.add("method", "publish")
cal.add("x-wr-calname", "PROJECT NAME Ticket Due Dates")
cal.add("x-wr-caldesc", "Due dates for PROJECT NAME tickets")
db = sqlite3.connect("/trac_location/db/trac.db")
c = db.cursor()
c.execute("select, t.owner, t.summary, c.value from ticket t, "
           "ticket_custom c where and t.status!='closed'")
for ticket_id, owner, summary, due_date in c.fetchall():
    if not due_date:
    due_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(due_date, '%d/%m/%Y')
    due_date =, due_date.month,
    event = icalendar.Event()
    event.add("summary", "PROJECT NAME #%s (%s): %s" % (ticket_id, owner, summary))
    event.add("dtstart", due_date)
    event.add("dtend", due_date)
    event.add("url", "" % ticket_id)
    event["sequence"] ="%Y%m%d%H%M")
    event["uid"] = "" % ticket_id
open("/var/www/subfolder/project-name-trac-due.ics", "wb").write(cal.as_string())