IronPython Course Notes – The Plan

Since I decided to use IronPython as the programming language for teaching D520 at Northtec, I’ve planned on putting my course material online so that anyone else planning on using IronPython in teaching can make whatever use of it they can.  There won’t be a huge amount of material, especially in this first year, and especially since I managed to find an excellent textbook to use, but there will be some exercises, assignments, an exam, and so forth.  Each year I teach a course I add new material, and while some material is replaced or removed, usually the old material stays, so the amount of material gradually increases.

What I haven’t been able to decide is how to put this material online (the students have access to it via a Moodle installation, but I don’t want to make that publicly available).  I toyed with the idea of putting it up in wiki format (but that seemed like a reasonable amount of work and I doubt there will be contributions from other people), with using iWeb to create a small dedicated site (mostly to play around with iWeb, which I have never really used, but that seemed like a lot of unnecessary work), or with putting it on Google Docs and sharing it that way (but I write the material in Pages and publish as PDF, so that doesn’t suit well, since I’d have to convert to Word then to Google Docs).

What I’ve finally decided is that I’ll just put it up here.  It’s already setup, I’m a bit busy to put much else up at the moment so it won’t be crowded, and it’s very simple for me to do.  I’ve further decided that it would be best to publish it bit-by-bit (since no-one else needs it at the moment anyway – if I’m wrong about that, please contact me).  Each week, after the class has finished, I’ll post all the material I used that week, and some commentary about how well it went.  I think this commentary will provide added value (including for me, when I’m revising the material next year), and it means that it’s easier for me to update the material as I go (although I’ve prepared the whole course, I expect that there will be changes since it’s so different than last year’s course).

I expect that as I continue to use IronPython in a teaching context, I might have additional comments that I feel like posting, so those will be nicely interspersed with the teaching material.

I’ll put everything in the “Teaching” and “Python” categories, so it’ll be easy to ignore everything else here if anyone is interested in using this material.  I’m making it available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License (I include using it in a similar course as non-commercial).

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