ta-meyer@ihug.co.nz, t-meyer@ihug.co.nz, tameyer@ihug.co.nz

I was ihug customer #377024, and signed up 20 Aug 1997.  However, as of a couple of years ago, I wasn’t actively using my account (they finally made me angry enough to switch to someone else).  I kept the account alive to keep these email addresses – in particular ta-meyer@ihug.co.nz had been active since 1997, which was when I really started using the wider Internet (access from Mum and Dad’s in Whangarei previously was extremely expensive, so I didn’t really do that much).  It wasn’t my first email address, but it was the one I had for the longest time, and so was spread about all over the place.

I occasionally used the Ihug (now Vodafone) account as an emergency backup, but the cost didn’t really justify that.  I’ve monitored the email coming in for a while, and have moved/unsubscribed most of it.  Some of the rest I can’t unsubscribe to (or can’t easily), so will just have to bounce, because as of today, I’m killing these accounts.

As an aside: I would happily pay something less than $5 a month to keep these accounts indefinitely, with some sort of low bandwidth cap (e.g. 50MB/month), which would easily cover the negligible expenses that Vodafone incurs for hosting them.  I just don’t want a full account.  However, they don’t offer that, so I’ll never use an ISP’s email account again (I haven’t since these).

For now, if you need me and found this page, please use tony.meyer@gmail.com (using an ESP address is only a bit better than an ISP’s, but gmail is likely to be around for a while IMO).  You could use tony@tangomu.com or tony@badtomatoes.org if you’d prefer something that was wholly mine (but I don’t get a lot of mail there, so check them less often).

Goodbye ihug.


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