Vodafone subsumes ihug: can’t handle Internet or phone

Vodafone, who I used to think was an ok company, bought and then subsumed ihug, who once was a good company (but had previously sunk to terrible depths). Ihug did all sorts of nutty side ventures, but generally was a company specialising in Internet access and phone calls.

I called Vodafone yesterday, and got a “sorry, we are experiencing high call volume. Please call back” message. And then it hung up! No queue, no way to set up a call from Vodafone back to me to help. Just hanging up on me.

Today, I go to the Vodafone website (because it appears that their DNS servers are dead; thank goodness for OpenDNS) and I get:

Vodafone's home page is down


If an ISP can’t handle serving up their own homepage, are they really a good choice? If you’re a business, would you even consider talking to them at this point?

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  1. Hi Tony, yes as you’ve spotted, we’re under quite a bit of pressure just at the moment in the fixed line space. The website is offline because a piece of hardware has died and that’s driving a lot of calls to the already overloaded call centre. Hardly ideal I’ll be the first to admit.

    We have a large body of work coming into play in the fixed line call centre over the next few months that should alieviate some if not all of the pain, but for now can I direct you and anyone reading this to the Vodafone forum which is still alive at: http://forum.vodafone.co.nz for answers to technical issues and to air any thoughts you may have concerning … well, just about anything really.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience – if I can help with anything, please feel free to email me directly (address is on the website and I’ve included it here) or on the forum.


    Paul Brislen
    Vodafone External Communications Manager

  2. Hmm… doesn’t let you see my email address. It’s firstname.lastname@vodafone.com.



  3. […] hours for maintenance! Β These guys must think it’s still the 1990s or something (like Vodafone a while […]

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