Mahalo Vlog Idol

Update: There’s now a proper place to vast a real (presumably non-binding) vote.  Go to it!

I listen to a lot of different podcasts, but watch very few (I have a lot of ear-time free, but not much eye-time).

  • Apple’s Quick Tip of the Week is extremely short and although I know the majority of the tips already, I can spare a minute to possibly learn something new (I don’t know why they target it at business users).
  • I have watched CommandN much longer than any other.  It borders on being too long for my taste, and is often more mediocre than great, but it’s good enough to continue with for now (and the last couple of episodes have had much better video quality).  I would drop this first.
  • I love Geekbrief.TV.  Great host, great length, good content.  I would drop this last.
  • MacBreak (video): The video quality is great, but the intros are really far too long.  There needs to be more content than intro+outro!  The really short shows that cover events are often the best.  Many of the hosts are not that great – sticking with Alex and a couple of others would work fine.
  • Mahalo Daily: I’ve never really understood the attraction people have for Veronica Belmont.  Maybe you have to be familiar with her from previous work (which I’m not) or something.  The first 100 shows were a mixed bag – some good, some awful – but they were at least the right length and well produced.

The astonishing thing about Mahalo Daily is that their search for a new (co)host has produced more compelling viewing than the show itself previously was.  I’m not a fan of [Country] Idol, The Bachelor, etc, but Mahalo Vlog Idol (not a great name) has been funny, entertaining, and even informative.  I don’t care how long they stretch it out for (and it has been a while already!) – it’s good watching.

One of the baffling things about the contest has been the judges’ picks – my suspicion is that there are elements of the contestants that don’t show up well on camera, and the judges have so far been judging more on the live aspects of the contestants than solely watching what we the audience see.  A couple of people got through that really just seemed very low quality.

The first round ([Country] Idol style), and second round (“The Batchelon”) were solely judged (as far as we know) by Jason, Alex, and Loren (who is he?).  For the third round, where each contestant created their own Mahalo Daily episode, the audience has been asked to offer their opinion about how everyone did (although this clearly won’t be binding).  Perhaps with the last round, there will be real voting?

FWIW, my opinions are (ranked best to worse – and you should subscribe to the show, rather than watch these crap Youtube quality versions):

Nadine would be a perfect choice for next host.  She has a great look, distinct from Veronica, but still in the “Mahalo” style.  She’s exceptionally attractive, and produced a great episode.  Like Leah, there’s a variety of people interviewed, which helps make a more interesting episode, and there are really good popups.  There were a couple of weak spots in the middle, but they didn’t detract from the episode, and generally the interviewing was good.  She feels like she brings in a style already; more so than the others.

I vacillated between Leah and Nadine as #1 – they’re really equally as good.  All I could come up with as a deciding factor was that Nadine is slightly ‘hotter’ than Leah (although both easily ‘hot’ enough).  The episode felt a little ‘infomercialish’, but was generally good.  Well produced, with good popups, but the voice-over felt stilted and ‘read’, rather than natural.

I think the next round should have three contestants, and so Andrea should go through.  I really liked this, and she’s a good host, but the environment made it hard to really tell what she would be like in other sorts of episodes.  A brave topic choice, and she’s certainly ‘hot’ enough to be the host (the criteria being ‘hotter than Veronica’, I guess!).  Great rapport with the interviewee, good ‘popups’, but the questions weren’t that interesting.  I’d definitely continue to watch daily with Andrea as host.

I wouldn’t be disappointed if Michelle got through to the next round, but I do think her episode wasn’t quite as good as those above.  The hair-flick is annoying, the laugh is a little annoying, and the enthusiasm seemed almost fake.  On the other hand, it was very well produced.

I would like to like Kristina more – there’s something appealing about her – but I just can’t rank this higher.  An interesting topic, and interesting content, but the episode just didn’t ‘pop’.  Her interviewing skills aren’t really up to scratch.  I’d consider watching her in some other show, but she doesn’t fit Mahalo Daily, IMO.

Easily the worst.  The comments talk a lot about “energy” (meaningless drivel, really).  There are three problems: (1) the interviewing skills are terrible (evident in the over-editing, if nowhere else), (2) the facial expressions are off-putting, and (3) frankly, she just isn’t ‘hot’ enough – realistically, the show needs an extremely attractive host (especially if co-hosting with Lon) and while Sarah is pretty, she’s not that hot.  Picking a “suck-up” topic doesn’t help.

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  2. I agree, this Vlog Idol stuff has been pretty darn exciting drama!

  3. One thing you do have to give Sarah – she certainly does put the effort into following everything, and accepts negative feedback (my comments here weren’t really up to the standard of criticism in her case) very gracefully.

    She’d make a great fan & an awesome gracious loser <0.5 wink>. Although I am nearly curious enough to go out and figure out what else exactly it is she does…

  4. I actually just read your comment where you asked if someone who didn’t know me before could explain what it is about me. Thats actually the coolest thing I’ve seen in all this. I would estimate that more than half the positive comments on my video were from people who found me through this competition that don’t know me at all. So, I hope that atleast one of them can answer you.

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  6. Mahalo Daily was not typical of my past (or current) work. I’m a tech girl — that’s what I’m really about. Check out Tekzilla some time, you might enjoy it.

  7. But on another note, geez… your comments are pretty jerky. These women are trying really hard to make a great show, cut them a little slack. It’s not the easiest thing in the world.

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  9. FWIW, I responded to the “jerky” comment in a separate (somewhat verbose) post. While it’s unlikely Veronica has time to read it (I do not expect her to), it serves as my explanation for my writing style, here at least.

  10. Elaborating, slightly, on Veronica’s Mahalo Daily work: the show definitely grew on me. The cheesy humour episodes were the worst, and I entirely expect that the problem there is that that style of humour doesn’t mesh well with the NZ sense of humour I have. I watched every episode – it can’t have been that bad!

    What I don’t get is that people rave about Veronica, and she was good, but not (IMO, obviously) raving good. As I said, probably you have to be familiar with her other work.

    I might check out Tekzilla, but the full episodes are more eye-time than I have (I didn’t know there were shorts – I will check those out). I do enjoy TWiT when Veronica is a panelist (but I would be more likely to rave about Merlin, Dvorak, or even Calacanis).

  11. Posted by pat newnam on May 24, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Jason has given all the contestants a bigger audience in the future no matter who gets the Host position at Mahalo. Sarah Atwood is under rated, her quirky sense of humor showed in her post audition interview when she was more herself and let her real personality through.

  12. Since I thought Sarah was the best candidate we probably disagree on a number of issues. I will not get into that here, if interested some of my comments are posted on the vote site. If you thought to vote for Sarah (or others), you do need to hurry!

    There is a deadline for official voting at (click on VOTE NOW!) midnight, Sunday May 25 so if you are thinking of voting or winning the mac air laptop for a video submission and a day of fame….there is not much time. Thanx

  13. I’m a bit late because we just moved our studio, so I’m behind on everything right now, but just wanted to say thanks for watching the show! Now I have to go catch up on the Mahalo Idol episodes. Looks like I missed a lot! 🙂

  14. predate says : I absolutely agree with this !

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