py2exe & Grisoft’s AVG

As of today, Grisoft’s AVG anti-virus software is reporting any Windows (non-console) application built using py2exe (maybe just with Python 2.4?) as a virus.

If AVG is suddenly reporting an application you have used for a long time as a virus, don’t believe it. Unfortunately, unless you disabled AVG, it will probably have already deleted (moved to the ‘vault’) the application.

I (along with many others) have reported this to AVG, but please do so as well. They need to learn to be more careful when detecting real viruses.

eWido’s anti-virus/anti-spyware software had the same problem a couple of weeks ago (by the 24th of July they had corrected the error). I had hoped for better from AVG.

(This is all the fault of the Backdoor.Rajump Trojan).

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