Damn Apple and Thank You Apple

On Tuesday, I was cleaning up and somehow managed to delete a fairly important folder, containing grades & teaching material that I had been working on a lot over the last month (so while some of it was backed up, it certainly wasn’t all safe).

This happened around the same time that I watched the WWDC Keynote, so I’m pretty sure that it was a jinx from those folks at Apple. I blame them entirely for the hours that I lost searching through my hard drive (positive that I had simply moved it by mistake), running disk utility (positive that it vanished through some sort of corruption with one of my recent crashes), and then finally running various undelete utilities and wading through the couple of GB that I’d deleted that day trying to find it (coming to terms with the realisation that it was actually me). (Active Undelete eventually recovered it for me).

I for one, welcome the all-knowing Time Machine that will come with Leopard (and the similar thing that Vista will have). As long as I can affordably give it enough space for the backups, this utility is something that is well overdue. If only I had them this week. I assume that this will be enabled on a per-disk basis, so those of you with things to hide can just disable it, or put sensitive information on a separate storage device, or just snap your live CD when the Feds come in.

(This problem did occur on my Windows laptop, but hopefully it’ll be an Apple laptop once Leopard is out).

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