PodShow Plus: Three strikes – they're out.

PodShow Plus sounded interesting, and I listen to quite a few PodShow podcasts (probably 90% of the podcasts I listen to come from PodShow, Farpoint Media, or the TWiT network), so a few days after the opening, I created a (listener) account (tonyandrewmeyer), and created a channel with a dozen or so of the shows I listen to (mostly the PodShow and TWiT ones). I’m not really sold on the idea of channelling all my shows through a single feed (I can’t check for new episodes of an individual podcast without a web browser, and it’s a single point of failure), but thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

All seemed well at first. However, after a day or two, suspiciously few podcasts were coming through the channel feed. I checked, and, sure enough, the real feeds had episodes that the channel did not (strike one). (This bug has been mentioned on the DSC and is apparently fixed now).

I tried to log in to check the channel and see if I could fix the problem. However, I can’t login – it tells me that the details are wrong. The email address isn’t (or I wouldn’t have got the “welcome to podshow” email, which I did). I can’t see how the password could be wrong, but I suppose there’s a slim chance that I made the same typo twice in entering it (the password was blank in the “welcome” email – I have no idea if that is deliberate or not), so no strike for this, even though I’m 99% sure that it’s PodShow’s error and not mine. I used the “send me a new password” function (several times, now – so I have no idea what the password might be now), but have not received any such email.

Spam filters, you say? Nope, since I work on anti-spam software, I ensure that all filtering is off (apart from the gmail address, which isn’t the one I used). Anyway, the “welcome” email made it through, and I’ve grepped through all the received mail. Strike two.

Eventually giving up, I used their support contact function, explaining the problem (pretty clearly, in my opinion). That was about a week ago, and I have yet to hear anything at all (c.f. spam filters, above). Strike three (and this one is the worst).

So, while I still enjoy many PodShow podcasts, and I have no doubt that they’re trying to do something worthwhile, PodShow Plus isn’t something I’ll use or recommend. (For now, at least).

[Update (August 8th): three and a half weeks later, I got a reply to my support request. That’s just about as bad as not replying at all, in my opinion. Supposedly the problems I described have been fixed. However, I still can’t login. I’ve retried the “send me my password” link, but nothing has arrived yet.]

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  1. […] I’d put a comment about this on the DSC or “Shadow Falls” pages, but you have to log in to PodShow Plus to do that, and I can’t. […]

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