Ah, podiobooks, anyone?

Podcasting’s first professionally-produced original drama series, SHADOW FALLS tells the eerie tale of a remote Northeastern town that holds secrets some will kill to protect and others will die to expose.

Shadow Falls @ PodShow.com

“Shadow Falls” has been getting a lot of hype on the DSC recently (to be expected, since Adam Curry was involved in production), but it’s weird how both Adam and listeners are describing this as something new.

Podiobooks.com has been serving up serialised fiction via podcasts for some time now (they have a great range – check them out), not to mention Escape Pod‘s short fiction (or more radio-show-style podcasts like The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd).  Scott Sigler is on (finished?  I’m a bit behind) his third original podcast novel, which is hosted by PodShow.  In fact, I remember Adam mentioning Infection on the DSC (not just playing a promo, but raving about it).

It’s nice to have another story, but that’s all it is.

I’m not all that convinced about the “first professionally-produced” claim, either.  What does “professionally-produced” mean?  That it was done in a professional manner?  That someone was paid to do it?  Seems like Scott Sigler’s podcasts are professionally produced, as are some of the podiobooks.com ones.  In fact, podiobooks.com offer a service where they produce the podiobook for the author.  If that’s not “professionally-produced”, I don’t know what is.

I’d put a comment about this on the DSC or “Shadow Falls” pages, but you have to log in to PodShow Plus to do that, and I can’t.

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