Sharing OS X Address Books between users

Until today, I hadn’t bothered entering any contacts into my Address Book in OS X.  I did have lots of contacts – but they were all entered in my wife’s account, since she uses it more, and it was convenient to have everything in the one place.

Today, however, I started using Delicious Library (more about that later, but in short: get it), and it integrates with the Address Book for maintaining borrower lists.  So I really needed the entries in my Address Book, too.

Thanks to the great Hawk Wings plug-in and add-in list, I found address-o-sync, a donation-ware utility that lets you sync Address Books across machines via Bonjour.  It’s not entirely clear from the developer’s website, but this does include sync’ing between two users (if they are both logged in at the same time).

As an aside: they have the most bizarre license I have seen – they require members of U.S. President Bush’s Administration to pay many times more than anyone else, as a political statement.  Their software, their rules, I guess, but it seems weird to me (an oft-times software developer) to mix politics into a software license.

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