Google Calendar

A post on TUAW pointed me towards Google Calendar – it's just fantastic.

Now, I really only have experience with Outlook's Calendar functionality, which I used pretty heavily in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (and some of 2005) when I was sitting in the office at Massey all day.  Since I switched to working at home I've intended to start using iCal, but just haven't got around to it, and since these days I do most of my work on a Windows laptop, that isn't an ideal situation anyway.

I'm also using gmail more and more [does anyone still need invites these days?  I have heaps] for mail that I do want to interupt me, and leaving the browse-at-leisure mail to be processed with Mail (which does get a copy of all the gmail mail, as a backup).  So gmail is open in Flock most of the time.

So I can see myself using Google Calendar (gCalendar, TUAW calls it) quite a lot, especially if a little calendar turns up in gmail next to the (unused by me, at this point)
chat box.

The interface is great – my connection is only 64Kbs at the moment, and it's still pretty smooth.  All the niceties that you expect from a Google product are there.  Try it out yourself!

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