Extracting video from baby ultrasound scans

When my wife has an ultrasound to check that our baby is still going well, we get a copy of the imaging that the radiologist sees, which is nice (this is pretty standard, I believe). However, what we get is an SVCD. This plays fine on our DVD player (I’m not sure about the PS2), and when it’s put in a Windows machine, there’s a data track that has a player.

However, I really want this data as a video file on the mac. Going straight from the disk, nothing seemed to want to read it (which surprises me somewhat; perhaps I’m just missing how to do it).

The first scan (03/02/06) I managed to get the data out with a couple of different tools and ended up with an avi file that worked fine. However, that didn’t go so smoothly this time (17/02/06).

Eventually, I found a page that explained how I can do this, using a tool called IsoBuster.

I then used Ultra MPEG Converter to convert the extracted MPEG (2?) to MPEG 1 (resize, preserving aspect ratio), which Quicktime (and therefore iMovie) was able to work with.

Possibly I’ll figure out a better way to do this next time (about 7 weeks away), but in case I don’t, at least I’ll be able to remember what I did this time 🙂

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  1. Hi..:) Browsing the web the past week I did uncover a little baby ultrasound resouce. Over at http://www.baby-ultrasound.com lots of info and a few pictures.

  2. Thanks for the link! The prices they quote for 3D/”4D” scans are pretty steep (maybe the page is out of date a bit?) – they have $250 (US$, I presume) for a “4D” scan, whereas it’s just under NZ$100 (~US$65) here.

  3. Posted by ariarn on July 8, 2006 at 8:13 pm

    hi i was woundering if theres any 3D ultrasound places in nz,Auckland

  4. Insight Radiology on the North Shore does them (that’s where we have done all of ours). They’re just across from North Shore Hospital. Friends of ours got one done somewhere else (central city, maybe?) but I don’t know where exactly.

  5. Posted by Chris Ferguson on July 26, 2006 at 6:02 am

    Hi – Was wondering if theres any 3D-4D ultrasound places in Wellington or Palmerston North. Wanted to pay for my daughter to have this done, she’s in Wanganui and I’m in London!

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