NZ Herald MySky Endorsement

A few days ago (I don’t get the paper copy, so only just saw it), the New Zealand Herald ran basically an ad for MySky disguised as an article.

The author, Richard Thorne, praises the unit without mentioning any of the flaws (see any of my previous entries), or that this technology was all available in the US in 1999 (six years ago!) and we’re getting a buggy out-of-date system.

He also says:

Deletion, you’ll be pleased to know, is just as easy with clear screen prompts, but not so simple as to be done accidentally.

This is something I’ve been meaning to mention. Deletion is far too simple, and easy to be done accidentally. All you need to do is push the button between the “Series Link” and “Keep” buttons and the program is gone for good. No “this is not undoable, are you sure” dialog or anything sensible like that.

If it has to be a single button push, why put it there right next to buttons that are frequently used, so it’s so easy to mispush? Whoever’s working on UI design for Sky really needs to learn a few of the basic lessons.

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