MySky “Recorded” changing to “Viewed”

MySky suffers from the same problem as iTunes podcasts: they are marked as viewed (played) as soon as they start playing, instead of when they finish.

This is more of a problem with MySky – the automatic space management will delete any programs that are viewed before it deletes ones that are not.

While marking as viewed only when the program was viewed to the very end would not be ideal (with the (at least theoretical) extra three minutes at the end of a program, as well as the habit people have of skipping the credits, the end would often never be reached), something smarter than the existing system could be designed.  Something like when 95% of the program (57 minutes of a hour-long show, 28.5 minutes of a half-hour-long show) is reached, it is marked as viewed.

Not viewing from the start complicates this slightly, but I think the rule should still apply – if the program hasn’t already been watched, then probably the main reason for starting part-way through is because the rest was watched live or elsewhere.

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