MySky Watching Tip

Although live pause and instant rewind (or whatever the marketing names are) work well, it is always best to watch programs via the ‘Planner’ page. For example, Shortland Street is scheduled to be recorded, and you get home about halfway through. While you can just change to TV 2 (if necessary) and rewind, using rewind and fast forward as you expect, what you should do is go to the ‘Planner’ page and play the program from there. (Watching programs as they are recording is fine).

There are two benefits to this, both important. One is that the status in the ‘Planner’ page changes from Recording/Recorded to Viewed, which makes it much easier to keep track of what you’ve seen and what you haven’t. (It would be great if the PVR could do this itself, but without having sensors to tell that you’re in the room with the TV on, I can’t see how it can do that – although if you used the remote, that would tell it).

The other (more important) reason is that you can watch a recorded program and record two other programs at the same time, but you cannot watch ‘live paused’ TV and record two other programs at the same time (essentially, you’d be recording three programs). Continuing the example, when NCIS (Sky 1) and Charmed (TV 3) are both scheduled to be recorded at 7:30 when Shortland Street finishes, watching the recorded program isn’t a problem – it will stop at the end, and switch to taping the other two. Watching ‘paused’ or ‘rewound’ TV is a problem – when 7:30 arrives, you’ll have to choose to cancel one of the other two programs to continue watching Shortland Street.

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