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One of the features I initially liked about MySky was that it automatically started recording three minutes early, and finished three minutes late, to cover for programs starting or ending early/late (TV 2 and TV 3 are notorious for doing this).

At first this seemed to work fine. However, recently I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always seem to occur – especially at the end of the program. Only once, with Alias, has the recording finished before the end. However, I wasn’t watching it anywhere near live, so I don’t know if the program actually finished more than three minutes after it was meant to. The recording wasn’t 66 minutes, though, which is what I would expect.

I know that when two sequential programs (same channel) are scheduled to be recorded, the first will miss a bit of the end so the next can start, but that isn’t the case here (for some programs it might be, but certainly not for Alias, which wasn’t near anything else being recorded). Since two programs can be recorded at the same time, this should only be a problem when three programs are involved, anyway.

(Actually, clever programming could avoid this sequential problem. It would be simple, and not break the ‘only two at once’ rule, to have a period of time added to two recordings (the end of the first, and the start of the second). This would be much more convenient, especially when not watching them in order).

I’ll post more about this if I figure anything more out.

Update: something is definitely wrong here. Shortland Street was recorded yesterday, there was nothing scheduled after it, and the recording finished before it the show did. The recording length is only 34 minutes, when it should be 36, and it definitely did start 3 minutes early. Even more strangely, if I try to view that recorded program now, I can’t. It says it’s using 0% of space (it’s not deleted, and watching it yesterday worked fine), and nothing happens when I try to play it (nor does the back button work). If this happens again, there’ll certainly be a phone call to Sky.
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  1. Posted by John Porter on February 24, 2006 at 6:09 pm

    I had One News on series link. It always started recording at 6:01 – partway through the “news to come” previews. I tried the automatic overhangs, 2 minutes before and 10 minutes after, and 5 minutes before. Still it always started recording at 6:01.

    Maybe this had something to do with 3rd Rock being recorded also at 6pm, don’t know. The 3rd Rock repeat showing at 7am does not have series link, so I have to use the 6pm showing.

  2. I switched off automatic to 10 before and 10 after and have got better results than with automatic, although not great. That does suck up a lot of space, though, so I’ve just switched to 2 minutes before and 5 after, which seems to be working ok.

    Clearly “automatic” is not the same as 2 minutes before and 2 after, despite what the documentation says.

  3. Posted by John Porter on March 3, 2006 at 2:55 am

    I wonder if “automatic” pays attention to changes in end time, and the others do not? The term automatic does imply something other than just 2 and 2.

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