MySky Interface

In my initial impressions, I noted that the “Planner” page of the MySky interface wasn’t that great. So far, this is what has annoyed me most.

The page lists all the programs that are viewed, recorded, recording, and scheduled (for recording or watching). They are sorted by date (this can’t be changed) and the page shows the name of the program, the rating (e.g. PG13, R18), the status (“viewed”, “recorded”, “recording”) or date & time it’s scheduled to be watched/recorded, the channel it was/will be on (name not number), and some indicator icons (series link, a “record” icon for recording/to-be-recorded programs, etc).

Some of this information needs to be there. The name of the program, for example, and the icons at the end (series link etc). However, I really don’t need to know what channel the program was on. I don’t care what channel things are on, I want the PVR to just get everything recorded for me, so I can watch what I want when I want. That information would be fine just in the information you get by selecting an item and pressing the ‘i’ button. The rating also belongs there – if I’ve recorded it, then I’m probably aware of the rating; if I’m not, pressing a button to get that information would be fine.

Removing this superfluous information would mean that useful information could be added. When the program was played (or, if it was more clever, an episode/season number) is essential information. For example, I have probably about 10 episodes of Shortland Street (for my wife, not me!) in the list. Finding the one I want involves selecting an episode, pressing ‘i’ (to get the date), going to the next one, etc. That information belongs on the main screen.
I still feel that there should be a separation of viewed/recorded & recording/scheduled programs. It’s a pain to have to flick through the scheduled programs when looking for something to watch (I very rarely want to see that list; if I can trust the series link feature, then I really hardly need it). It’s also a pain to flick through all the viewed programs; yes I could manually clear these out, but the point is meant to be that the PVR takes care of space management for me.

I really hope that Sky updates this soon (although I suppose that’s unlikely). I wonder if this interface is very New Zealand specific, or if others that use this device (someone in Australia, IIRC) have essentially the same one.

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