MySky Loopthrough Problem

Another MySky update: I moved everything about yesterday, removing the VCR from the lounge. The MySky manual mentions a “loopthrough” feature, in which a single AV channel on a TV can be shared between MySky and another device (e.g. a DVD player or PlayStation). The manual says to have the SCART output labelled “TV” go to the TV’s AV port (unsurprisingly), and (surprisingly) have the other SCART output (input?) go to the other device (e.g. DVD player). Then pressing the “AV” button on the remote will swap between Sky and the other device.

This would be useful for me, because unfortunately the TV in the lounge only has a single AV channel (and only one set of plugs, at the rear), so I could plug both the DVD player and MySky in (rather than the current setup, which has the DVD player plugged in, and Sky through the RF leads, which isn’t as high quality).

However, this just doesn’t seem to work. The “TV” SCART seems to output the MySky signal or (if “AV” is pressed) no signal at all. The other SCART constantly outputs the MySky signal (as with non-PVR Sky, it’s an output, not an input). The other video connections are all output as well.

Something else to ask about as well as the broken series link feature, I suppose.

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  1. Posted by John Porter on February 24, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    I believe you have to use a scart-to-scart cable for loopthrough to work, which means your vcr or dvd needs to have a scart connector.

  2. Yes, I found that out later.

    Still seems crazy to me, since I’ve only ever come across one TV in New Zealand that has a SCART input. Perhaps it’s common in the countries the hardware was designed for.

  3. Posted by John Porter on February 28, 2006 at 4:40 pm

    I believe most of MySky has been duplicated from the UK effort. One of the press releases last year said that, and added that Sky UK has the option to skip commercials but for the NZ incarnation “that feature had been disabled”. Both use Pace hardware, based in Shipley, UK.

  4. Posted by Kevin Fenaughty on March 19, 2006 at 9:24 pm

    I have connected my Pioneer DVD player to MySky and successfully display it using the the ‘loopthrough’ feature. My 10-year-old Mitsubishi TV is like yours: only one set of AV inputs. From the DVD I use composite RCA leads (yellow video, red and white audio) and connect them to a SCART adapter (from Dick Smith, about $20). It has a switch on it which makes it an input or an output adapter. I set it to ‘input’, as MySky needs to use it as an input. Then plug it into the SCART on MySky. Press the AV button on the remote, and your DVD output appears on the TV. It will also appear if you switch MySky into ‘standby’.

    The previous PACE decoder also let me do this, but you had to choose channel 199; equally, you could put the decoder into ‘standby’. One thing MySky doesn’t do now, that the old one did is to also put the DVD audio and video out through the audio/video RCA plugs on the back of the decoder unit. This simplified wiring up the sound through an external amplifier.

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