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Future entries will be separate, but in the Tools category).

These are the tools that I regularly use, and which I would obviously recommend:



I’ve given up on the editors I was using, and for the moment, I’m just using PythonWin for everything. The search may resume…

PhD Research

  • OpenCV is a pretty good Computer Vision library. The capturing code isn’t very good, though, and don’t bother if you need to capture from multiple video sources (you can still use the processing code though).
  • VideoCapture uses DirectX to capture from a video camera, and provides some Python wrappers for this.
  • Gamebots is an excellent mod for Unreal Tournament that lets you control/monitor bots via a socket connection.
  • Festival for free, open source, cross platform, speech synthesis.
  • Sphinx for free, open source, cross platform, speech recognition.


  • Microsoft’s PowerToys are invaluable, particularly the calculator, the alt-Tab replacement, and the TweakUI control panel.
  • Cygwin is necessary for any Windows user that doesn’t have a *nix install handy.
  • Alas, smspop (a very handy and cheap way to txt) is dead. I have not found a good replacement yet (I’m using ipipi for the moment) – if anyone knows of one, let me know! I am not interested in something that involves opening a web browser and going to a site and logging in before txting. Txts should be less than 20c, otherwise I could just use my phone.
  • TortoiseCVS is a replacement for WinCVS, and is much more handy.
  • WinMerge is the best GUI diff editor that I’ve found.
  • MinGW is the compiler I use when not using Cygwin.
  • Martin’s gcc/JFE package is a conveniently small C/C++ IDE setup.
  • The Google Deskbar Handy searching. Get the Desktop Search to go with it.
  • MCL is a nifty little command line utility, rather like the Start->Run system, but better.
  • Firefox – what you should be using to view this page.

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