Weird.? I migrated some of the content from my Massey site here today (so that it doesn’t vanish when the Massey site does), and this (completely unlinked, apart from one from there) blog suddenly gets found.

HawkWings found my quoting tutorial (prepared for the Written Communication for Information Sciences paper at Massey), which has been on my website since the 27th of October last year (about 13.5 months).? Go figure.

Interestingly, it was called an “impassioned ode”! I guess that means I did it wrong, since it was meant to be a dry clear-cut this-is-the-right-way guide for first-year students.

HawkWings later earlier says:

First, there is no end to the debate on top-posting vs. bottom-posting in this life and, possibly, in the next. I understand that.

Secondly, I should disclose that I am a top-poster.

I, obviously, am not a top-poster, and I agree that there is no end to this debate (in fact, I wasn’t trying to debate it, merely educate others in the correct method). While I recommend top-posting, and teach it (to students, friends, family), I don’t, however, refuse to answer bottom-posted messages, or berate people for using the style (I will berate people that don’t quote at all).

It is a shame that HawkWings missed some of the points? The later earlier post gives three reasons for bottom-quoting (tradition, natural flow, anti-Microsoft), two of which are (as is pointed out) just nuts. I outlined five points, only one of which is that the flow is more natural.  Hopefully they make the argument a bit clearer.
HawkWings says:

Bottom-posting means scrolling down past inches of text that you already remember or don’t need to know, in order to read the poster’s contribution.

This is why trimming is just as important as quoting. People should trim whether they put it at the top or the bottom.


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