So, what is the purpose of this blog?  Basically, it’s replacing the content that’s under “miscellaneous writing” on my Massey website.  That’s getting a little unruly, and, more importantly, my time at Massey (10 years!) is just about up, so no doubt that site will get killed at some point.

The material that’s there is a combination of things – drafts or extended versions of things I post elsewhere, little notes about things that I had to figure out myself rather than use Google (ideally letting me, and maybe others) find them later, and a few other bits and pieces.

This really isn’t designed for anyone else to read (IMO, not every blog needs to be). If you find a useful post here, don’t bother subscribing – just keep using Google, and it’ll point you back here if anything else is of use.  This might change in the future, but that’s the way it is now.

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